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Large cabins for team building

Our large cabins that are suitable for company trips or large families

At Booking Service Beitostølen, we have a large selection of different cabins, apartments and støler. Among our units, we have large cabins that are perfect for company trips, large families or sports groups.

Are you looking for a mountain adventure for a larger group? Here we have gathered all the necessary information for your planning. Discover restaurants with catering, team building activities, events at Beitostølen and spacious cabins for the whole group!

First destination: Food. This is a significant part that can be challenging when the group is large. At Beitostølen you will find a variety of restaurants and bars. Some of them offer catering, especially Lodge 900, Cafeen, Jotunstogo, Peppes Pizza and Pizzabakeren. Catering is provided on request, and most offer food for collection.

It is also possible to book a table in advance! For larger groups, it is advisable to notify in advance, especially during the evening rush hour. We are here to help you with that.

When the stomach is full, the fresh air outside is invigorating, and there is a wide range of activities available at Beitostølen.

Activities for large groups
Activities with a guide

Take the whole gang on guided adventures in and around Beitostølen! Climb up the rock wall at Synshorn via Ferrata or visit Beito climbing park.

Beito Aktiv offers a varied selection of group activities, including team-building multiplayer matches.

Whether it's winter or summer, you can book dog sledding with Beito Husky Tours! They also offer canoe hire and guided experiences such as rafting and canoe trips.

Myhre Gård offers large groups the option of horse-riding. Live out your cowboy dream on a full-day, half-day or two-hour horseback ride.

Gravfjellet 50
Activities without a guide

Beitostølen and the surrounding area can create memories for a lifetime in its natural beauty. Explore the mountains on foot or by bike in the summer, with marked trails in Jotunheimen National Park. Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy great paths, the roads on Valdresflya, or the area around Beito.

For a more relaxed outdoor experience, try Frisbee golf at Beitostølen stadium!

In winter, it's time for skiing. Two slopes and several lifts, one in the center of Beitostølen and another in Raudalen (only 15 minutes' drive from Beitostølen). Randonee and cross-country skiing are popular, with many great trails, plus snowshoeing.

Do you need equipment or have limited space in the car? Rent equipment from Beitostølen Rental.

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Do you need relaxation in the mountains? Both indoor and outdoor well-being await at Beitostølen.

Ridderbadet, the new spa center in the centre, tempts with several pools, outdoor jacuzzi, sauna, "swim out" with a view of Jotunheimen and dining. Adult and children's department available.

Beito Aktiv offers a unique outdoor spa experience. Enjoy the "high mountain oasis" in the wilderness spa with hot tub and sauna, and a lovely view of Øyangen and the surrounding mountains.

Hermannstua 1

Beitostølen pulses with activity - there is always something going on! It can be challenging to keep track of everything that is happening, but Visit Beitostølen has a practical calendar that shows all events during your stay. Scroll through it and enjoy the mountain entertainment!

If you are planning conferences, Beitostølen offers various meeting rooms. For large events, Beitohallen is ideal, with an impressive 652 m2 hall that can accommodate 500 people in a cinema setup. Jotunstogo wine bar is perfect for smaller parties or meetings, an intimate space separate from the restaurant.

Last, but not least, the most important thing for your stay at Beitostølen: Accommodation! Here is a list of our largest cabins for large groups. Feel free to contact us for tailor-made experiences at Beitostølen.

Our large cabins
Bjørndalenhytta 6

Bjørndalenhytta has 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, in total there is room for 18-24 people here. The living room is well suited as a meeting room, here there are 30 seats at the dining table and a video canon with a screen.

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Peerstunet 18

Our nice large cabin called Peerstunet is located in the stadium area. Here there are 9 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a sauna. At Peerstunet there is room for 18-20 people.

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Hermannstua 1

Hermannstua is a great log cabin in Bjødnabakken with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a sauna. There is room for 12-16 people here.

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Jacobstua 10

The neighboring cabin to Hermannstua is called Jacobstua. The cabin has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a sauna and room for 12 people.

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Erlingstogo 1

Erlingstogo is located in Stakkstølie. The cabin has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a sauna. Large kitchen, dining room and living room. There is room for 14-15 people here.

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Trollslottet 14

Trollslottet has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a sauna and space for 12-14 people. This cabin is also located in the stadium area.

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Reksla 14 1
Reksla 14

This modern cabin is located in Markahøvda, north of Beitostølen. Here there are 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and room for 10-12 people.

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Aasenstølen 9

Aasenstølen is also a modern cabin located in Markahøvda. There are 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a sauna and room for 14 people.

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Finntøppvegen 17 1
Finntøppvegen 17

Finntøppvegen 17 is located in the center of Beitostølen and has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is room for 8-10 people here.

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Spacious living room at Krøterstigen 13
Spacious living room at Krøterstigen 13

We also have a number of units that are close to each other. These can easily be combined! In addition, there are some units, such as Krøterstigen 13, which have fewer rooms but are otherwise very spacious. There are lots of different things to choose from, so send us a request and we'll find something you like!

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